All testimonials on this site are for myotherapy (SLM) & massage.

Sebastion (Waterloo)

I’ve experienced back pain for a very long time, often experiencing sleepless nights and having to take days off work. I’ve been referred to Physios by my GP to address the pain, but I hadn’t found anything that worked for me. I found Kieran purely by chance. I drove past his clinic to/from work, and decided to drop in to see if a massage would help. Since starting my weekly sessions, my back pain has reduced considerably and I’m no longer troubled by sleepless nights. Kieran focused not only on the location of the pain, but put a lot of effort into other areas which has made all the difference.

Lana (Darlinghurst)

I had been enduring an ongoing running related hip injury as well as neck and shoulder pain for more than six months before seeing Kieran. I was experiencing daily discomfort and was unable to do sport, despite costly osteopath and physiotherapy treatments. Kieran’s unique approach, which treats the whole body, delivered immediate relief to my back and neck pain, and after only another month or so of treatment my chronic hip pain had improved and I was back running and enjoying sport again. I highly recommend Kieran to anyone with an injury or discomfort.

Martin (Lane Cove)

On spec, I booked in via the internet for a massage with Kieran in May 2014 hoping to obtain temporary relief from a range of issues that I’d accumulated over decades of sport and of working at a desk – RSI, tennis elbow on one side, golfers elbow on the other, a shoulder that had required cortisone injections and ongoing lower back problems that had twice previously required long periods of immobility and physiotherapy. In my late 50s I was facing reduced mobility and increasing restrictions on the range of outdoor activities I could look forward to as I slowed down at work. My hope was that a weekly or fortnightly remedial massage would provide some relief for my back and shoulders, reduce the constant stiffness and soreness and make working long hours at a computer less arduous. I did enjoy the hoped-for immediate improvement. But much to my surprise, Keiran went on to completely transform the situation.With weekly and then fortnightly remedial massages over a couple of months, and the introduction of some very simple exercises that I could do at home, Keiran was able to free up all the joints and muscles and relieve all the pain.I’m back to golf, tennis and body-surfing with a level of unrestricted movement that I’d long given up hoping for, and experiencing virtually no pain or stiffness at work. I’d recommend Keiran to anyone with similar ailments.

Elisha (Marrickville)

 Since I was a child I had been suffering with back pain, at times crippling, but always there in some way. I had a lot of trouble with my lower back, it would get very tired and would spasm. I also had a lot of trouble with my left hip, a kind of sciatic type pain that would be in the hip and then shoot down my leg shoot down my leg. I couldn’t stand for long periods of time and had very restricted movement (touching my toes was out of the question!) I had been to see a chiropractor and a podiatrist, who helped a little but I felt they were always just treating symptoms that would inevitably return. I had also seen a few massage therapists, but again, they were also very symptom focused and would seem to massage only the part that hurt, which felt good, but had no long lasting effect. Relief finally came when I came across an internet publication on back pain by a Steve Lockhart. He had developed a type of massage called SLM. He described my symptoms exactly, so I searched out a practitioner. The first SLM massage I had basically fixed all the problems I had spent years suffering! After one massage I was converted to this style forever. When eventually that first massage therapist moved out of town, I was distraught. I continued to try to find a replacement, but had the same problem as before. I constantly checked the SLM website in hopes of a new practitioner in my area. When I saw that Kieran was practicing I went to see him straight away. He was great! I have followed him around Sydney for some time now! The difference with SLM and Kieran’s techniques is that the treatment is very holistic. SLM showed me that the trouble with my left hip was not in the hip, but in my right leg! This was a revelation! SLM is based on the balance of the body, and it is excellent for people who both have a specific site of pain and for those who have a more general all over muscle pain. Kieran always treats the body as a whole, and this leads to very long lasting results. Even if my pain returns, it is nowhere near as bad as it had been in the past and a single trip to Kieran will fix it up immediately.

Angeline (Waterloo)

 Having had lower back problems for a number of years lower back problems for a number of years, I first made an appointment with Kieran when the issue began to present in both hips. Over the years I had x-rays, scans and physiotherapy in attempt to relieve my back problems but results were clear and physiotherapy would only help to a certain point. It was a muscular problem that I just couldn’t seem to get to the bottom of. I first noticed the problem with my hips when walking home from work, after about 10 minutes walking at not a very fast pace, one hip became very sore and stiff like. When the same thing happened a number of times in both/either hip after a few weeks, I visited the local GP. X-rays were taken and came back clear. Unsure of what to do or who next to see, I made an appointment with Kieran for a deep muscle massage to see if that would help.At the first appointment I explained to Kieran the issues I was having with my hips and the issues I had been having with my back over the last number of years. Kieran gave me a full examination and followed with a deep massage on my back, hips and legs. Although I had never had quite as painful massage before, I could instantly tell that it was going to help. Kieran found that there was an imbalance of the muscles in both my back and in my legs. All down the left of my spine was like one big knot, my right quad was like solid block, my muscles were in pretty bad shape at this stage and as he said luckily for me age was on my side. He told me about the SLM massage and how it treats the whole body rather than specific areas. Instantly this sounded ideal to me because I did often wonder if there was connection between all the muscular injuries over the years that never seemed to recover properly – right knee and right shoulder in addition to the back and hips.At this point, any kind of physical activity would leave me crippled like an elderly woman for days, I was only 28 at the time. Even a 10 minute journey on the bus in the morning would be enough to cause problems if I didn’t get a seat. Needless to say, when Kieran suggested the SLM Yoga, I was a bit hesitant knowing that it was going to be tough but I went ahead and got it anyway.After only a few weeks of SLM massage and yoga I could feel the difference. The SLM yoga was so easy to do and felt like I was hardly even doing exercise, although I would feel it the next day! I would see Kieran at the weekend for massage and during the week I would do the yoga a few evenings and alternate evenings I would do the self-massage therapy as taught in the SLM program I took note of the food I was eating as suggested, ensuring I was getting enough protein for my muscles to recover from the treatment. Some evenings I would just go for literally a walk in the swimming pool. I wasn’t able to swim but knowing the benefits of the pool I would just walk from one end to the other to try and strengthen the muscles. Between seeing Kieran and persisting with the SLM program my muscles felt much more balanced and pain free my muscles felt much more balanced and pain free and the tension on the left side of my spine had reduced, and I was able to walk much more freely and with no hip pain.4 months ago I left Australia to return to Ireland and unfortunately there are no SLM therapists here. Been honest, I have been a bit slack with the self-treatment since I left but I can still notice the change in me since I first seen Kieran and I know that once I start back into it properly again and I’m sure I will physically feel better for it.I would and have done so in the past, highly recommend not only the Kieran Finnegan as a therapist but the SLM home program. Kieran is very professional and very interested in what he is doing and no doubt will have a very successful career going forward! I am forever grateful to him for getting me to where I am today!