Upper Back Pain & Stiffness

This problem is very common after a long and busy day sitting at the computer, Our unique approach used at Sydney Chiropractic & Remedial Massage is ideal for this type of complaint.

The problem is usually felt as a pain between the shoulder blades, a dull ache right across the shoulders, or more so one side. It may also be felt as a stabbing, sharp or burning pain once it has deteriorated past a certain point. This problem is usually involves the joints of the mid and upper back,which become stiff and painful, and the muscles that support the shoulder, upper back and the entire length of the spine become tight and fatigue very easily while sitting at a desk. The muscle’s in the front of the body maybe tight causing you to slouch forward and tightening the muscles of the back.  Kieran Finnegan; chiropractor Sydney incorporates a comprehensive & effective muscle balancing therapy (SLM) & chiropractic to properly deal with upper back pain & stiffness.

Our Sydney chiropractor is only one of a few who also has expertise in treating chronically tight, tense and dysfunctional muscles and joints of the spine and pelvis.


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Upper Back Pain & Stiffness