Which Posture Are You? ( Part 1) Types of Postural Distortions

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How we stand, sit & move is key to having a strong, healthy and pain free back. There are several common types of postural distortions that may indicate muscle imbalances, which on its own; or more likely when combined with a lack of exercise, stress and even poor diet can be a major contributor to low back pain, sciatica, headaches, shoulder pain etc…

Over the years I have seen many weird & wonderful ways to ‘fix’ posture, some of which have merit but many that ignore the simple fact that it is the myofascial (muscles & fascia) system which hold you upright against gravity & need to be balanced & functioning adequately so they hold you in a balanced manner.

That’s why I combine chiropractic with myotherapy (SLM), SLM is a wholistic & corrective form of bodywork that restores length & function to your critical postural muscles so that your muscular system supports the chiropractic treatment of your spine & joints.

kieranfWhich Posture Are You? ( Part 1) Types of Postural Distortions
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